Balsamic Mojito

Balsamic Mojito by videochef

Ricetta appositamente realizzata e inventata da VideoChef per il sito BALSAMIC WORLD U.S.A. CORP.

BALSAMIC MOJITO for Balsamic World USA from VideoChef

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7/10 White rum;
3/10 Soda or tonic water;
1 Fl.oz Strawberry pure with 2 drops of Traditional balsamic vinegar PDO 12 years La Secchia Antica Acetaia;
1 tsp Balsamic vinegar Cuvée 12 La Secchia Antica Acetaia;
2 tsp Brown sugar;
Mint leaves;
Crushed ice;
Squirt of caramel.

Preparation: Prepare the mojito directly in the tumbler glass or other cocktail glass. Put the strawberry juice and Traditional balsamic vinegar Pdo12 years La Secchia Antica Acetaia milkshake with two teaspoons of sugar, 1 tsp of Balsamic vinegar cuvée 12 La Secchia Antica Acetaia, and some sprigs of mint leaves and two sliced strawberries. Crush well without turning. Fill the glass to the brim with crushed ice. Fill with 7/10 of white rum and 3/10 of soda or tonic water. Stir the mojito.

Add a dash of dark rum and a splash of caramel. Garnish with two half strawberries (one cut precisely in half) slightly wet Balsamic vinegar cuvée 12 La Secchia Antica Acetaia and put them on the edge of the glass (to eat at the end of the cocktail).
The Balsamic Mojito is ready! Happy Labour Day!